Hygiene and hope

This weekend, our family filled Family Med Packs to help persecuted Christians in Iraq, Syria, or Sudan. The Family Med Packs, a program of Voice of the Martyrs, are sent to the countries and people who need them most. I love this program for two reasons.

1. The packs are tangible symbols of hope.

The packs help provide for the medical and hygienic needs of Christian families driven from their homes by extremists, and they’ll be put directly in the hands of these families. We even put our first names on the packs (per VOM’s instructions). As a direct gift from one Christian family to another, the Family Med Packs are reminders to persecuted Christians that they’re not forgotten, that we remember their suffering and suffer with them, and that we’re praying for them.

Family Med Pack

2. The packs are educational tools for our kids 

My wife and I constantly wrestle with the tension between providing our kids a comfortable, American life full of opportunity, and cultivating compassionate hearts for the poor and vulnerable. The Family Med Packs are wonderful because they got our kids directly involved in helping needy families. Together, we watched a video on persecuted Christians, shopped for the items, stuffed the packs, and prayed.

I want experiences like this to be a marker for my kids — a reminder as they grow up that, even as they pursue the incredible opportunities before them, Christ also calls us to attend to the “least of these.”

Learn more about Family Med Packs and order yours here. Read my post on other ways you can help Christians facing persecution and genocide around the world.

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